Little Known Natal Facts To Pique Your Curiosity!

Although you probably already know a few fun Natal facts – like how Natal has miles and miles of sandy beaches and is a main tourism destination for visitors to Brazil – did you know that Natal is home to a famous athlete? And that the inhabitants of Natal practice a special kind of dance and martial art specific to the northeastern states of Brazil? Read on to learn more exciting and interesting Natal facts about this small city in the Brazilian northeast!

Natal Facts Sports

  • Football is the favorite sport of Natal, played by everyone from children to adults to seniors! Though the city’s professional clubs don’t tend to leave much of a mark on the rest of Brazilian professional soccer, there are three clubs in the city: ABC Futebol Club, America Futebol Clube, and the Alecrim Futebol Club. These teams play at the Machadao stadium, and while it is a bit old and not terribly comfortable to sit in, most people are too busy cheering on the game to notice!
  • Capoeira is a mixture of dance, martial arts, and sports, developed by Brazilians in the northeast and very popular in Natal. It was developed many years ago by slaves brought over from Africa, as an attempt to train themselves to fight in way that their masters wouldn’t realize what it was. For those watching, Capoeira looks like an elaborate dance ritual – but for those in the dance, the movements are sharp, deliberate, and deadly upon contact.

Natal Facts Economy

  • Natal Imports: the main Natal import is… tourism! From America, to Europe, to other Brazilians, Natal is a very popular tourist destination because of its incredible landscape and warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Natal Exports: Natal is located in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, which is the second-largest producer of oil in Brazil. Natal is an administrative center for oil production, and also exports a large amount of shark cartilage to Japan. Other exports include mangos, guavas, and cashew nuts.

Fun Natal Statistics:

  • Natal is the capital city of the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
  • The total area of the city of Natal is 170 square kilometers.
  • The population of Natal is approximately 720,000 people.
  • In 2005, an official survey of the country identified Natal as the safest capital city in Brazil.

Rare Natal Facts, Did you know…?

  • Natal is home to the largest cashew tree in the world! It’s 500 meters around and takes up 7200 square meters of space… making it 70 times larger than a normal cashew tree!
  • The word “Natal” means Christmas in Portuguese!

Natal is home to Clodoaldo Silva, the greatest Paralympic swimmer in the world – in 2000, he won three silvers and one bronze, and in 2004 he won six gold medals and one silver. During this process, he managed to set four world records in swimming!


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